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Automatic Rescue Device (ARD)

MICO ELEVATORS INDIA PVT. LTD. Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) is an automatic rescue mechanism, for rescuing passengers trapped in an elevator due to malfunctioning or power cut. Manual rescuing of passengers trapped in an elevator takes considerable time, causing anxiety to the passengers. IF the rescue operations were not conducted by the trained personal, it might cause injuries to passengers. ARD will safely land the passengers to the nearest floor within minutes of power failure, thereby avoiding Panic Situation. Hence, ARD is a valuable ADD ON device to the elevator.

Salient Features :Unique “optimum direction selection” feature make the elevator safe.

  • Fully automatic with instant operation, need no human intervention
  • Well integrated into elevator system and ensures safety
  • Safe Landing during power failure and elevator control system failure
  • Micro controller based technology with PWM device
  • Sealed (SMF) batteries are used for lesser maintenance cost
  • Compact with batteries inside the system.(del)
  • Fault detection LED's on board ensure caution