General Terms & Conditions for Maintenance Agreement

  • To maintain and examine the Elevator during contractors regular working hours once every month and repair a replacement form time as required.
  • Complaints etc. will be attended during contractor's regular working hours, Machine room key should immediately be made available to contractor's authorised staff on arrival site.
  • Contract does not provide for labour or material to repair, damage or injury to your equipment caused by fire, riot, water, abuse or natural calamities.
  • To attend to breakdowns after normal working hours which may be deemed necessary to keep the elevator in safe working order.
  • Not to interfere with the lift and not to allow or permit any person other than contractors authorised technicians.

In the case of replacement of any damaged worn or faulty parts, the contractor or party shall bear the cost of the replaced or repaired parts.

Conditions Applicable for Preventive Maintenance Contract

  • The term "Preventive Maintenance" herein mentioned in this contract means that the contractor shall carry our normal servicing only. Such servicing shall not include replacements of any parts, repairs etc.
  • The Contractor shall provide free of charge, lubricating materials only during the contract period.
  • Any charges! costs incurred by the contractor for the purpose of keepind the equipments in order shall be borne by the party.
  • In the event of any repairs, the contractor shall assess the volume of work involved and shall submit a quotation for the same. The contractor shall carry out necessary rectification I replacement work after accepta,nce of the said quotation by the party.

Conditions Applicable for Comprehensive Contract or Semi Comprehensive

The Following Items are Covered Under Comprehensive Contract

  • During the contract period, we shall replace or repair free of charge spare parts and materials for the following as a result of normal wear and tear at out discretion.
  • Machine Controller Parts & Others Brake, Magnet, Coils, Brake Uners, Motor Bearing, Cables, Guide Shoes, Floor Selector Parts, Door Locks, Door Bearing indication, Retiring Carn, Coil, Rectifier, Floor, Coil, Main Relays, Carbon & Copper contacts, Face Failure, Overload Relay, Timer Relay, etc., The parts which are replaced shall become our property.

The following items are not covered under semi or full comprehensive contract.

  • Replacement of motors, controllers, machine, pulley, However, repairs to these items are included in the centrad.
  • Decorativework, builder's work, manhandlling, Civil work.
  • Replacement of hoistway doors, gates, sills safty edges, car and hoistway enclosure, door frames, vision glass, fan light car flooring, painting, landing, channel, car channel, push buttons with plate, door closer, electric main or any other items which does not consitute to be standard elevator component.
  • V3F Micro controller card.

Party and Contractor Agrees & Undertakes

  • Not to interfere with the lift and not to allow or permit any other than contractors authorised technicians. to do any breach of this clause being discovered by contractor, contractor has the right to cancel this agreement and to claim any cost / charges or expenses or tor lass or damages suffered by contractor.
  • To Keep the elevator installation and machin€1 room particularly the car, hoistway, entrance and door sills and elevator pit as clean as possible irregularities in the door operation and smooth working of the elevator on account of excessive dirt and dust accumulations and to keep the machine room under lock and key.
  • To return to contractor all the dismantled material any repairs / replacement carried out by the contractor.
  • This agreement shall remain in force and effect for a period of one year commencing from....... to ....................................and shall be deemed automatically renewed and shall thereafter contiune and remain in force and effect for an indefinite period and unless and until it is terminated by either party giving notice of termination to the other of not less than two months prior to the expiration of such one year period.
  • The inclusive charge of contractor for contractor for all the foregoing services shall be the sum of Rs........ per elevator per year for ................................totaling in Rs. ...................................for ....................... as mentioned above.
  • The party undertakes to pay the charges set out in clause (5) hereof in advance every year and in the event of the parties failure to make payment as aforesaid, on due date, contractor has the right to terminate this agreement and :s entitled to stop rendering any service without prejudice to their rights to recover the outstanding dues with interest up to the date of payment.
  • Please indicate your acceptance by signing one copy of this letter in the space provided below and return the same to us along with your cheque retaining the other copy for your file. This will assist as in completing our records.
  • Before entering into Preventive/Semi/Comprehensive agreement contractor will submit an estimate for Pre-maintenance repairs and replacements to bring the equipment in ship safe condition and such repairs will be carried out at extra charges after the commencement of this contract. If the condition of machine, inspection their replacement or repairs will be carried out as an when required and the same will be charged by contractor on pro-rata basis.